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Console Wars

Coming up on this edition of 2 Men, we are looking at all of this good stuff Supergirl is finishing but what does this mean for the Arrowverse Update on Orville season 3 Will blockbuster movies ever return to the cinema..... and will we actually go see them News on John Cena, James Gunn and the Peacemaker show A tribute [...]


Coming up on this edition of 2 Men, you lucky lot get all of this great chatter A new Batwoman Hartley Sawyer is fired Birds of Prey and the Emancipation of one Harley Quinn Spider-Man into the Spiderverse 2 PS5 news Top 3 Video Games of All Tme

Picard the Synth

Despite the world changing pretty much on an hourly basis, the 2 Men team are back with a brand new show. Coming up on this edition: We talk about Coronavirus and how the world has changed We dissect the Picard finale We talk how cinema and entertainment has changed, and ask the question will cinema ever be the same. To [...]

Trekking Along

Coming up on this edition of 2 Men and Their Mics, we bring loads of Trekkie related chatter, including: Full episode recaps and discussion on Picard episodes 5 and 6 News on season 2 of Section 31 Alex Kurtzman and his Star Trek era What are the new Star Trek series being produced? Is DC being sold to Marvel  

Tale of Three

Coming up on this edition of 2 Men and Their Mics, we bring you all of this good stuff Recap and discussion of Star Trek: Picard Mandalorian Season 2 news Streaming services discussion and how the licence fee in the UK may be scrapped Lois and Superman news Join us next week for more 2 Men goodness, including our main [...]

Make It So

We are back with a Captain's edition of 2 Men. Coming up on this week's show Full recap and discussion on Picard episode 1 Jason and Andy discuss a classic Picard episode each News on Birds of Prey We dissect Crisis on Infinite Earths Talk about the Mandalorian We welcome Anson Mount for an exclusive interview. Join us next week [...]

Remembering Rene

Coming up on this edition of 2 Men and Their Mics, we bring you all of this lovely chatter..... Remembering Rene Auberjonois - both Jason and Andy have picked their favourite Odo episode, and break down the reasons why We talk all about the new Star Trek shows in production Morbius is a hot topic Harley Quinn is just hot [...]

Crisis Has Arrived

Coming up on this edition of 2 Men and Their Mics, we bring you all of this goodness   We look at and dissect the new Wonder Woman 84 and Ghostbusters Afterlife trailers We reminisce about the 1980's and our favourite toys We watch the Watchmen An exclusive interview from Destination Star Trek is here We break down and recap [...]

TSC – AEW Full Gear – Lights Out Watchalong

The Squared Circle returns, as Andy and Jason bring you a special watchalong edition where we sit back and discuss the Lights Out Match which took place at AEW Full Gear between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega. This was Jason's first time watching the match so we discuss this plus cover some of the other bits of news from professional [...]

Tales of the Wine

Coming up on a rather different edition of 2 Men and Their Mics, we delve deep into discussion as we look at all of this good stuff The Mandalorian has debuted on Disney+, but what do we think? Star Wars Jedi Fallen has been released...and Jason has a copy We discuss the latest news on Crisis Star Trek IV, looks [...]

Streaming On

It's been a long month... but we are back and what a show to come back with. Coming up on this edition of 2 Men and Their Mics. General (Chancellor) Martok actor the legendary J.G Hertzler joins us for a chat Star Trek Discovery's Anthony Rapp, beams onto the show for a catch up and to talk Disco season 3 [...]

A DC Universe

Coming up on this edition of 2 Men, we spend some time in the world of comic books and superheroes. Sit back and relax as we bring you discussion on all of this good stuff: Spider-Man is back in the MCU - We discuss our thoughts on this Birds of Prey had its first trailer drop this week, what did [...]

Random Chat

We are back with another episode of 2 Men and Their Mics. Coming up on this edition, its a show of random chat, with all the following being discussed: Star Trek vs. Star Wars How Seth McFarlane has changed the episodic sci-fi genre The Orville and current topics The rise of All Elite Wrestling The downturn and possibly rising of [...]

Avengers End Game

Coming up on this edition of 2 Men, we bring you all of this lovely goodness: Full review (finally) of Avengers Endgame Discussion on the new Spider-Man Far from Home trailer Jason recaps his experience at Progress Wrestling: Super Strong Style XVI plus we discuss whether blood has a place in pro wrestling We will be back next week with [...]

Goodbye Cap?

On this edition of 2 Men and their Mics, we bring you all of this lovely stuff: Full preview of Avengers Endgame A recap of Jason's trip to NYC Look back at Discovery This was also our first show taped for You Tube, full links will be on our Social media channel soon

2 Men Supershow – Eye of the Tiger

On this edition we bring you all of this juicy content: A recap of Jason's charity boxing match and exactly what happened following the result A recap of the last edition of Star Trek: Discovery A preview of Shazam Movie and AvengersEndgame An exclusive interview with Mark Jackson who plays Isaac on The Orville recorded live at the Showmasters Events London Film & Comic Con Following this, we [...]

The Spider-Verse

Welcome back to another edition of the 2 Men podcast. On this bumper edition we are talking all things Marvel.. coming up: We look at the recent cancellations from Netflix of the Marvel universe and ask whats next? We discuss the fan backlash to Captain Marvel... despite it not even being released We bring you a full review of the [...]

Discovering Picard

Coming up on this edition of the 2 Men and Their Mics podcast, we have a jam packed show looking at multiple different topics, including: The Liam Neeson scandal Star Trek Discovery Season 2 - Initial Thoughts What will Picard bring us? Superman... is he really indestructible Our first Star Trek movies we saw at the movies. Plus we talk [...]

Low Ki – MLW World Heavyweight Champion

We are back with another superstar interview and this time joining us is the MLW World Champion "The Professional" Low Ki. In this exclusive interview, we talk all things MLW, the reason behind his return to the promotion, his thoughts on the landscape of professional wrestling today, what it takes to be successful and why he decided to utilise the [...]