About Us

Welcome to Two Men Media. Our new media network, contains elements to keep everyone interested. From podcasts to youtube videos, to live music. The Two Men team are professionals in our fields.

The Two Men Media Network, features two main regular podcasts:

  • Two Men and Their Mics – Focusing on entertainment, pop culture and current affairs
  • The Squared Circle – Focusing on professional wrestling


About the Team

Andy Evans
Host, Producer and Co-Founder
Tweet: @AndyEvansHR

Thanks for taking the time to visit the site and listen to the podcast (hopefully you have enjoyed it!!!). This is just a quick bio about me, I have been involved in podcasting / radio since 2005, during that time I have hosted some of the biggest wrestling radio shows in the UK, including the Squared Circle, Ministry of Slam and also founded the Total Wrestling Show back in 2011.

I retired from podcasting in 2015, but I’ve missed the buzz of being behind a microphone and just talking about anything, so now I’m back!! I could not be happier to be here at “2 Men and Their Mics”. This show will be nothing like you have heard before, and it is a pleasure to be hosting this show with my tag team partner Jason.

I am a huge superhero fan, focusing equally on DC and Marvel (although, always wanted to be Batman, sorry Captain America fans). This is possibly my biggest passion outside of wrestling, playstation oh and my wife. I have to say my wife.

Anyway enough rambling, I hope you enjoy the show and if you are at an event or see us around at conventions, please come and say hi


Jason T. Dempsey
Host, Co-Founder and Comic Book Expert
Tweet: @J_T_Dempsey2MM

Where to start? Try writing a bio and end up with something that rapidly starts feeling like an autobiography…
Heaven help me.

Lets keep this brief. 34 years old, been a comic book fan for as long as my memory allows (which admittedly isn’t very long) and that love hasn’t waned despite good decisions, bad decisions and the ever changing landscape of the said business.
Same goes for professional wrestling.

As I’ve grown, I’ve found myself lucky enough to tap into these markets on a small, personal level due to my ability to make people relent due to my consistent bable… See why I’m doing a podcast? Reasons for everything…

An formet announcer and referee for UPW, former TWS Radio host, guitarist (how did THAT happen?!) for the best known unknown band in the southwest (who doesn’t love an oxymoron?), Biproxy. And a generally busy dude who spends too much time on fake stuff and not enough time with his real (believe it or not) Wife and family.

So… with all this on – and with the opinionated blabbermouth that I am – when my colleague Mr. Evans asked me about this project, I thought ‘Hey, what a great idea! With all this time on my hands, why not!?’

So, in all seriousness. This is a labour of love. A chance to talk about contemporary issues, fandom, random things and – nine times out of ten – subjects we know little about to people who are self abusive enough to listen. We find the time for it because we love it… And we hope you love it too.
It’s not always on time, it’s not always bang up to date and it’s not always – EVER – exquisitely reheresed. But thats the point.

Because what it is, is #2MenandtheirMics and no other fluff.

And that’s all it was ever meant to be.