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It’s been a long month… but we are back and what a show to come back with. Coming up on this edition of 2 Men and Their Mics.

  • General (Chancellor) Martok actor the legendary J.G Hertzler joins us for a chat
  • Star Trek Discovery’s Anthony Rapp, beams onto the show for a catch up and to talk Disco season 3
  • We recap our time at this years Destination Star Trek, and talk about the move to London next year
  • We discuss streaming services
  • The future of the Arrowverse – is it time for it to end?
  • The issues surrounding WWE, Saudi Arabia and flights
  • Can Marvel survive the upcoming expansion
  • What can DC do to capitalise

Don’t forget to join us next week where we breakdown in long form the classic Deep Space Nine episode Trials and Tribble-ations, see you then

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