Tales of the Wine

Coming up on a rather different edition of 2 Men and Their Mics, we delve deep into discussion as we look at all of this good stuff

  • The Mandalorian has debuted on Disney+, but what do we think?
  • Star Wars Jedi Fallen has been released…and Jason has a copy
  • We discuss the latest news on Crisis
  • Star Trek IV, looks like it is a go so we break down the news from this
  • We argue (as always) over Star Trek in the kelvin timeline
  • Jason is set a Star Trek Voyager challenge.
  • We discuss the Snyder cut of Justice League
  • We are joined by two of the stars of Star Trek Enterprise, as Dominic Keating and Connor Trineer both beam in for a chat

This is a fun show, we hope you enjoy. There was some wine being consumed throughout the recording….. so we both have sore heads.

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