The Legacy of Deep Space Nine

Coming up on this edition of the 2 Men and Their Mics podcast we take a look back at the one of the most iconic Star Trek series of the franchise that being Deep Space Nine.

In this one hour special, we discuss how DS9 came to be, why was it hated so much by the fans at the time and also now why it is so beloved. Add into this some discussion on the social issues covered by the show and you are in for a treat.

This is part one in our DS9 series and over the coming weeks we will be doing special one off episodes focusing on the characters and some of the main storylines which they had.

Audio content which you hear on this show are owned by their respective copyright holders and we thank them for their gratitude in allowing us to use.

Now sit back, relax and engage warp 9, as we head to a space station on the outer reaches of the galaxy……

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