Clarice has a new trailer

Silence of the Lambs has had many spin-offs, from sequels Red Dragon and Hannibal Rising to movie and TV series prequels that were both titled Hannibal

Clarice the Trailer

Now it’s getting another TV prequel and a brand new trailer has been released to give us our first look, which you can check out above.

This time it’s a sequel series called Clarice, which focuses on FBI trainee Clarice Starling who is played this time around by former Home and Away star Rebecca Breeds.clarice, trailer

As you can tell by the slow and moody cover of John Denver’s ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’, the series follows Clarice as she returns to West Virginia. While she expects her cases to be business as usual, they bring up memories of her nearly-fatal meeting with Buffalo Bill (and, we’re sure, her encounter with Hannibal Lecter too).

clarice, trailer

There’s also a whole bunch of “ghosts” from her childhood in the rural neck of the woods, and she has to contend with her reputation for “hunting monsters” as well as a male superior who wants her to be seen and not heard.

This trailer comes just a month until the show actually launches in the US, as it’s set for released on February 11.

A UK air date is yet to be confirmed but watch this space for an update.

Clarice premieres on February 11 on CBS.

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