About Us

Andy Evans
Andy EvansHost and Producer
Andy has been involved in podcasting for over 10 years. Originally as co-creator and host of award winning shows “Ministry of Slam”, “The Squared Circle” and the “Total Wrestling Show”.

Throughout his podcasting career he has been lucky to interview over 100 personalities from the world of entertainment, sci-fi and professional wrestling.

Andy along with Jason, created “2 Men and Their Mics” to allow them to chat all things sci-fi, entertainment and even a bit of professional wrestling. Mixing their love of the MCU, DCU and video games.

Andy’s role is that of host and producer and is responsible for making sure the show is actually released

Jason Dempsey
Jason DempseyHost and Comic Book Expert
Jason is the show’s resident expert of all things comic books, movies, entertainment and well anything. He is also responsible for keeping Andy in check and making sure that doesnt say anything stupid.

Jason began his podcasting career as a main host on the “Total Wrestling Show”, where he combined his love of professional wrestling with that of talking about it. Jason is an accomplished referee, officiating matches for some of the biggest wrestling performers including Will Ospreay, Ricochet and others.

Jason has been a fan of the subject matter since birth, and is truely an encyclopaedia of knowledge, and thank god for that.

What Do We Talk About?

TV Tune In

This is where the 2MM team discuss the intricacies of all the latest news and rumours on the old boob tube, and talk about what we're currently enjoying, be it new, old or anywhere in-between. We'll also touch a little on the current state of play in the world of Professional Wrestling.

Danger Room Discourse

Taking its title from the Danger Room combat simulator of X-Men fame, this is Andy and Jason's fortnightly #2MenTopic. This can be anything from an extended look at a TV/Film series, a subject related to either of us that we particularly wanna discuss, current affairs... You name it, hence the Danger Room name, there could be anything waiting in there for us, and whatever it is, disagreements are all but guaranteed...!

Byte Size

A 'byte size' look into the world of videogames (see what we did there...?). The scope is as large as an Assassin's Creed map, chronicling reviews, looks back at classic consoles and titles, what we're playing at the time and even 'this week in gaming history' segments.