The Resurrection

Welcome to 2021, welcome to a new season and welcome to a new look and refreshed 2 Men and Their Mics. During our down time, we have used the time to completely refresh the show we have more segments, more regularity but the same laughs.

Coming up this week on the new show:

  • We debut TV Tune In, talking all things –  Wandavision, Fringe, Breaking Bad, Cobra, Cobra Kai, Doom Patrol, Lois and Superman, Batwoman, Star Trek Lower Decks, Transformers, Pembrokeshire Murders and a whole lot more
  • The Danger Room Discourse is ready to open its doors as we dissect the entire season 3 of Star Trek Discovery. What worked, what didnt we break it down here.

We say at the top of the show that we would be doing a byte size segment on Resident Evil, unfortunately due to internet issues (it didnt work) we had to cut this from the show, but we will cover this on a future edition.

On the next episode we will all the usual madness including TV Tune In, a new Danger Room Discourse and who knows what else.

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Thank you for sticking with us, thank you for staying loyal and we will give you a cracking year of shows. 2 Men has finally arrived and this is a guarentee.

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